e-learning training


We create for you an E-learning application fully geared to your company. You choose the topics to be addressed and we'll do the rest.


  • The participant will navigate on a set of well-illustrated information displays.
  • We suggest texts and illustrations.
  • The layout takes your colors into account and includes your logo.
  • A voice-over makes learning pleasant and efficient as there is little text to read. Only keywords are displayed on the screen.
  • If you want, the learner can afterwards take a skill-assessment "test".
  • As traceability is provided for, if you are an administrator, you can see who took the test, when and what score he obtained.
  • We can include educational films or a few words from the Management Team, for example.
  • The application is "web-based" and, hence, very easy to edit when you want.
  • A hyper-competitive service /quality /price ratio. Ask us for a free quote.

A key success factor is the quality of the teaching method applied to get the information across. This is Fullmark's purpose. Visual communication is our engine. The module must be very visual and very easy to use.

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