An exclusive method for a successful safety awareness-raising campaign !

  • You want to reduce the number of accidents or incidents in your company?
  • You want to really bring the safety culture to life?
  • You want to act on attitudes and behaviors?
  • You want the line managers to feel more closely involved?

Based on 30 years experience, Fullmark’s "SMART-Safety ©" offers a "turnkey" and perfectly structured solution to have a successful safety awareness-raising campaign and reduce your frequency rate (FR).

Benefits of the method :

  • It has a positive impact on the anticipation, prevention and safety culture in your company.
  • It is based on getting the line management and the employees involved.
  • It is designed to reach interdependence when it comes to safety behaviors.
  • Safety is no longer an obligation or constraint.
  • Everyone is motivated to adopt a "pro-safety" behavior out of conviction.

This method can be applied in your company very quickly and shows immediate results. Read our testimonials.

The Frequency Rate Curve

You know the curve that shows that to reduce the number of accidents, companies usually first work on the technical aspects. By doing this, they bring down the FR and reach a first level. Then, this curve shows that companies usually work on the organization. Again, this improves the FR, and then a plateau is reached. To keep on progressing, the model shows that behaviors and the safety culture must be acted upon.

It is at this level that Fullmark’s SMART-Safety method can help you achieve truly unexpected results. Read our customers’ testimonials. Their words are worth more than a long speech.

Reducing the number of accidents
Raising awareness of safety

Maturity when it comes to Safety?

Acting on behaviors is not simple
Very often, while believing you are doing the right thing, you can demotivate and even make things worse, if you do not act professionally.

Communicating is enough?
Words, emails, internet, television, press, files ... we are all overwhelmed with information. When you inform your staff about safety, your message is most likely not to get through properly. Actually, you can hardly check that the message has been properly received, and above all, properly understood. And therefore, the chances of changing behaviors are low.

Better than communicating: Raising awareness! Making people aware goes further than informing them! Raising awareness is involving each and every one appropriately. Raising awareness is getting people to think so that they themselves decide to change their attitudes and behaviors. Raising awareness is getting people to feel responsible and to cooperate on a long-term basis.

Practically speaking, what are the tools?

Thanks to our unique (30 years’) experience with many large international corporations, we have got a very wide range of tools to offer. And every day we further develop new tools.

Our goal is to fully understand your situation in order to offer you only a selection of products and services that meet your needs.

Here are some examples of tools that can be used:

  • Diagnosis of your safety culture
  • Awareness, training and coaching of the line management
  • Implementing a visual awareness-raising campaign
  • Material and videos to organize safety talks
  • E-learning training for newly-hired employees or visitors
  • Digital communication terminals
  • Safety Passport
Smart-Safety tools
Fullmark's Smart-Safety expertise

Take advantage of Fullmark’s expertise.

If you are interested in our approach, we would like to suggest meeting you in order to listen to your expectations and go more into detail about our method.

Implementing a long-term approach to safety improvement requires a major investment; this is why experience shows us that it is essential that the Management should be involved right from the start of the project.

This is why we would suggest that you organize a presentation to your EHS manager but in the presence of the Senior Management and Steering Committee members. In order to be able to suggest a strategy, it is crucial for us to listen to what they expect and what they want.

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