We offer a "turnkey" solution for the basic rules of safety to be put into practice in your company.

We have identified a number of "life-saving rules". They are the "cardinal rules" that can save lives.

We have supplemented them with other "safety essentials": they are essential aspects to work on if behaviors are to be acted upon and the safety culture in the company is to be strengthened.

Fundamental safety rules
Visual communication

Safety that is not seen ... is not lived up to!

All our campaigns are conducted according to our SMART-Safety method. This means that we have prepared the large format visual communication for the campaign to be clearly seen on your site. But for each topic, we have also prepared a ready-to- use action card to have a safety talk (toolbox meeting) on the topic of the month. An individual card with a quiz completes the approach.

Finally, and this is not a detail, we would suggest organizing a "kick-off" meeting or coaching- training of the campaign, which is actually a powerful "safety awareness-raising" means for all your line managers.

Visual Aids Tailored to Your Business

Each topic of our campaign is available in several versions because the working environment in industry is not the same as in construction, for example. And the outfits in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry are not the same as in a conventional factory.

Finally, for a campaign with a streamlined design to be disseminated in administrative headquarters, for instance, a campaign based on pictures is available. Each universe is found in the campaign ... for maximum impact!

Frequency rate curve

One topic per month

Our approach is very effective and can quickly reduce FRs and SRs. Many testimonials prove it. It helps change behaviors and measurably reduce the number of accidents. But a safety culture cannot be changed in a snap. It takes time to anchor new reflexes and sustainably strengthen good behaviors. This is why Fullmark offers a new topic per month. A behavioral campaign usually lasts at least 36 months because, from the moment you have initiated an action to strengthen your culture, it is important not to stop communicating about it. Remember that safety that is not seen …is not lived up to.

"Paper" Format or "screen" Format

Flat screens have the knack of grabbing our attention in a split second.

A well-made content can entertain, inform as well as educate.

With "Safety Channel", Fullmark offers a complete solution on hire: screens + installation + software + safety content ... without any "cash" investment!

Every month, a different EHS topic comes in the form of more than 40 pages of relevant and impactful information (tips, pictures, photos, films ...).

Safety-Channel is an innovative tool in tune with the times, with which you can enhance safety and reduce the number of accidents.

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